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Throat Chakra Insight: Self-Expression

Self expression has been a journey in my life. I don’t know if that is true for everyone, but for me the uncovering of who I am has been both a fascinating and scary process.

Growing up I was painfully shy. Some who knew me back then may not even know the sound of my voice. And to tell you the truth..I didn’t either.

Confused by what I “should” say versus what I wanted to say versus what other people wanted me to say left me speechless.

Self-perceived limitations and false beliefs kept me stuck and stagnant. I became a shell of a person. This person was socially acceptable and did all the “right” things but she was empty inside.

It took a huge shift in perception for me to see the judgement I was afraid of was my own.

On my journey of self-discovery I am coming back to the truth. I practice stepping out of my mind’s convincing patterns to remember who I am.

Once this veil of limitation lifts I can recognize the things I used to be passionate about. The things I stored away as childhood hobbies such as dance and art. Now I know, these are my forms of self-expression. They help me unblock my creativity and teach me how to express myself.

Now I use them as tools to go deeper beyond the mind and into the depths of who I really am. What have I uncovered? An artist and dancer who loves the psychology of the soul. I have found my passion is to guide others along their journey of self-expression💙

Today I know the sound of my own voice. I still work with my fear of expressing what I am intuitively guided to say, but it is in process. In fact, writing this post is a big step in self-expression for me. I choose to practice and to grow.

Starting now, let us look past self-perceived limits on who we are allowed to be. Let us find our way to express ourselves no matter how it sounds to others.

We are each here with our own unique experiences and our own unique “song to sing.” We are the only one that can play our part and we must give it all we got. If not...who will?

Maybe you love to sing, dance, paint, cook, sew or write. Whatever it is let the expression flow. Our journey REQUIRES us to be curious and open to what unfolds from within.

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