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Play YOUR Instrument

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

The throat chakra is the place where we give expression to our energy through words, movements, creations and actions. It is where we remember that we are the instrument through which divine energy flows.

As an instrument, each of us plays a different note, unique to us. We all play a different part in the grand orchestra of creation.

And just like an instrument, it is necessary for us to keep ourselves in tune, in alignment. When we are in alignment, we are honoring our instrument and its unique sound. We are being TRUE** to that sound and allowing it to be EXPRESSED through us.

We are LISTENING to guidance and allowing it to be expressed through our CREATIVITY. We SPEAK the truth from a place of compassion and AUTHENTICITY. When we are in INTEGRITY with our own instrument we are not trying to be someone else’s instrument. And if we do try to play like someone else, we can tell, the notes are “off.”

When we embody our instrument fully with our VOICE and expression, there is RESONANCE. If we see someone playing their own instrument clearly and passionately we feel that resonance too. This may inspire us to tune in to our own creativity and find expression to the needs, feelings, ideas, creativity and desires that are within us.

With the throat chakra, our work is to listen, to make sound, to let our instrument’s true sound be heard and to experience a sense of HARMONY within and around us. Here we honor and recognize ourselves as an integral part of this symphony of life.


~How do you know when your instrument is in tune (you are in alignment)? What does it feel like in your body?

~How do you know when you are out of alignment? What does it feel like in your body?

~What needs to be released to allow you to become more aligned?

~What would you be able to do if you could express more of who you are?

**The capitalized words are aspects or our humanity associated with the throat chakra

You are invited to join us in exploring the throat chakra through Ecstatic Dance this Sunday, 10/16/22. We will use movement and sound to clear out stagnant energy that keeps us out of alignment. We will tune in to the resonance of our own authentic voice so we can move forward as clear channels for divine energy to flow through.

In whatever way you choose to express your creative energy, may it be inspired, authentic and bold!

Location: The Yoga Hive, 1901 Main Street, Daphne,AL

October 16 at 6:30pm

Offering: $25

"Our bodies are the instruments through which Divine energy flows through."

Photo Credit: Brock Larsen

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