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Third-Eye: Illusions and Visions

The way we look at the world influences our reality. When our perspective is fixed or limited it can often seem like we have a blindfold on to the truth of our reality. In this state we are only listening to the echoes of the stories that have been created unconsciously in our minds...from the past.

We perceive the world through the lens of those stories and have blinders on to possibilities that do not support that story. We are not seeing reality clearly.

The image below seems to portray the dilemma of a blocked third-eye chakra. The woman here seems closed off from taking in new information and is only hearing echoes of the past. She is unable to see which way to go along her path.

Artwork from "The Light Seers Tarot"

Let's imagine we know her story. Let's say this woman had a vision for herself as a teacher. On a bright sunny day she begins walking her path excitedly. She is following her vision. She hears the voice of her intuition clearly and knows which way to go, although there is no map. She has access to her third-eye vision, it moves her forward.

Then off in the distance she hears the voices of old familiar stories from the past. Stories of doubt and shame. Stories that remind her she will never be able to follow her dream, that she isn't good enough, that no one will listen to what she has to share.

Suddenly her vision becomes cloudier and she hears more familiar voices chiming in like birds squawking. These voices begin to remind her of who is better than her at teaching. Suddenly, she can no longer see her way. It is like she is wearing a blindfold. She is unable to access her vision. She can't hear the voice of her intuition over the squawking of the stories from the past. She is in the grips of an illusion. It stops her in her tracks.

She stays in this state for a while, struggling and seeking to hear what to do next. Should she give up? Turn back?

Then suddenly she stops. She takes a breath. She listens to the voices again with a new awareness and recognizes that they are protective voices from the past. Voices that wanted to keep her small so that she can be safe. As soon as she recognizes these voices for what they are they begin to get softer.

Light begins to filter through her blindfold. "Oh", she thinks, "it might be helpful if I take this off." She removes the blindfold.

She still hears the doubtful stories in the background, but is now able to access something else. The present moment. She takes in where she is in the moment with a deep breath and grounds herself.

She listens and hears the whisper of her intuitive voice telling her which step to take next. She proceeds on her path with an illuminated sense of her calling. Her third-eye vision is back.

Have you found yourself in this kind of situation before? I have!!

What are the illusions that are echoing in your reality? What are they keeping you from?

Is there a vision you may be downplaying or putting on the back burner or a shelf in the closet??

We each have our own illusions that block us from our vision. Seeing these illusions for what they are is the first step in opening the third-eye.

Activating the third-eye strengthens our intuition and trust in ourselves. We can follow the guidance we receive through our dreams, synchronicities and sense of knowing.

When our third-eye is activated a whole new way of seeing the world literally opens up.

Practices that I have found that support this work are journaling, meditation, yoga and Ecstatic Dance. I encourage you to work with this perspective shifting. Maybe the answer you are looking for or the next step you need to take is right behind voice of doubt.

This week we will be Ecstatically Dancing to explore the third-eye chakra! It’s one of my favorites. This is the most mystical of all the chakras and dancing in the energy can open up some doors of perception. No experience necessary, just a willingness to open up and SEE what is there for you. Register here.

Also...If you are looking for some yoga I have just started teaching a Vinyasa Yoga class at the Yoga Hive, Mondays at 10am. I would love for you to join me!

May your third-eye vision illuminate your intuition bringing you clarity and connection along your path.

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