Holistic Counseling

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Yoga and Conscious Dance


Connect with Insights, Inspiration and Community


Individual Sessions

Holistic Counseling

Rebecca's holistic approach to counseling helps clients create harmony within themselves, their relationships and their environment. 


Rebecca guides clients to explore how their physical body, emotions, mental patterns and spiritual nature are intertwined. Through the counseling process clients begin to see themselves through a new lens and experience life on a deeper level. Patterns that may have been keeping them stuck are illuminated and shifted through conscious awareness.  By seeing beyond these limitations, clients are able to connect with  their own natural resources and develop lifestyle tools to support their overall wellness and vitality.


Through this holistic approach clients are able to move with confidence and purpose through transitions in their lives, recognize their own self-worth and overcome patterns of depression, anxiety, trauma and low self-esteem.


Rebecca's approach is influenced by her study of Mindfulness, Jungian Psychology, Internal Family Systems, the Enneagram and the Chakra System. She uses tools such as dreamwork, journaling and meditation as part of an integrated holistic plan for wellness and Self-discovery.  Through this process clients rediscover their personal power for creating a life that is in alignment with who they truly are.

Rates and Insurance

  • In-Person and Virtual Appointments Available

  • Counseling: Most BCBS plans accepted

  • Self-pay: $125 per session


Embodiment Practices


* 8 Class Chakra Series (request recordings)

Embodiment yoga is a chance to wake ourselves up to our true potential, aliveness and creativity. It is coming back home to our Selves. 

Yoga is more than a form of stretching and exercise. It is a sacred practice that helps us to regulate our nervous systems, discharge tension and emotional energy, be present in our bodies and ultimately access a deeper part of ourselves, our true nature.


It allows us to witness what is going on in our body, emotional field and mind. It allows us to reconnect to our instincts, our intuition, creativity and life force energy.


I would love to share this practice with you. Let's create a fun, supportive community dedicated to returning to our bodies and living from our souls.


Each vinyasa yoga class is 75 minutes. We will explore different themes related to embodiment and healing and use breathwork and meditation practices to support our growth.

$15 per class


Sacred Dance Circle

*Will resume soon!


The Chakra 



Empower yourself and connect with like-minded friends in The Chakra Journey Community. The chakra system provides a lens for healing, balance, growth and understanding. Our mission is to provide you with resources, connection, tools and insights to help guide you along your path.  We offer Chakra Insights and delve into aspects of the chakra system.


If you are new to learning about chakras, or a seasoned chakra enthusiast, this is the perfect place to learn and apply a chakra perspective to your daily life. We offer a look at the psychology of the chakra system and how they influence us on all different levels. We are constantly discovering new creative ways of approaching this work and would love for you to join us!