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Throat Chakra Insight: The Power of Sharing Your Truth

Honesty not only implies speaking the truth, it implies tapping in to what is true within us and having the courage to speak and take action toward that.

It is looking for the evidence of what is true within us, rather than what other people think should be true for us or what is true for them.

A sense of freedom comes with speaking our truth. The freedom to be in alignment with who we are and to act out of that powerful place of wisdom within us. 

We all hold the key 🔑 to freedom within our own hearts. When we become clear with ourselves about what is right for us, the path begins to clear. Decisions that were challenging become easy and obvious. We have the courage to stand in our truth despite external obstacles.

Starting now, let us become clear about who we are, what we are doing and what purpose we are serving. We are being called to new levels of honesty and transparency. Let us honor our beliefs and live in alignment with them.💙

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