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Third-Eye Chakra Insight: Whispered Wisdom of Intuition

Our intuition does not follow the rules of the conventional world. It comes from somewhere much deeper within us.

Our intuition taps into the collective and universal knowing. This is far beyond what the mind can conceive and therefore can be scary for us when our intuition and rational mind don’t match up.

When we feel our intuition guiding us down an unknown path, many of us will cling to the least for a while.

This happened to me when I changed paths in my career.

I had gone down a traditional training and counseling path because that is what was safe and what I knew. I did well in school and after years of training I was able to get a job with benefits and respect from the community.

This was perfect for me for a while...but something else was calling. Something beyond the traditional path that I knew.

During this time I began studying yoga and chakras and was very interested in healing from an energetic, holistic standpoint. I saw the parallels to the psychology I had learned and was fascinated and passionate about learning more.

As I made my way down this path, the more traditional role began to not fit as well. If it were a pair of pants..they were getting to be too tight! 

So I had a choice to make. Stay on the safe path...or take a leap of faith toward my dream of counseling from a holistic perspective. I wanted to use what I was learning for myself with others in my practice.

I wrestled with this decision in my mind for months.

I eventually realized that if I was going to practice what I was learning I would have to follow the deeper sense of knowing.

A respect for our own intuition is a key aspect of holistic living.

It was that deep sense of internal gut feeling that helped me to finally make my decision. In 2015 I stepped outside my comfort zone to begin a holistic counseling practice (in a town where this was not at all common).

AND the pieces and parts that I needed began to show up! I had learned to use a new tool within myself, a tool I had often disregarded when it didn't seem to make sense, and the Universe responded!

The right people showed up to guide me, the right spaces opened up. It was definitely a process and did not move at the warp speed I wanted it to but I saw how circumstances shifted to support my intuitive decision.

And, so here we are today...I get to talk about Chakras and energy and I have connected with YOU Friend... to share in this journey!

I am by no means a master and I struggle with intuitively knowing what to have for dinner or whether to turn right or left when I get lost.

But it’s all a practice to use our internal guidance system and I am a student.

Starting now...let us all remember that we contain a knowing deep within us. If this knowing does not match conventional wisdom-that’s an even greater sign that it is the voice of our intuition!!

Let’s honor it in large and small ways...from what to wear to where to live.

Each time we practice using our intuition it shows up louder and more clear to support and guide us along our path. 

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