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Third-Eye Chakra Insight: Free Your Mind

Free your mind...and the rest will follow🎶

Back in 1990 something, I would sing along to this empowering popular song with no clue (on a conscious level) what it meant. But freeing your mind sounded great and I believe that is something most of us want to do. Thank you En Vogue!

When I look at that phrase now, it is brilliant! Free your mind and the rest will follow reminds us of the cause and effect nature of our thought patterns.

Our third eye chakra is our lens to the external world. When we see through a rigid and judgmental lens🔎 ...those are the kinds of thoughts we magnify and that is what we see in our physical world. We confirm our beliefs.

When we allow ourselves to open up and see through an open and expansive lens🔍we see more possibilities and alternate perspectives. We see new types of experiences and again confirm our beliefs.

We are learning more and more that our thoughts influence our reality and the lens that we see the world through greatly affects our experience.

You see, thoughts are energy on a subtle level. Matter is energy on a gross level. When we go to bring about change it starts at the level of subtle energy and radiates out. What we think about and visualize we bring about. Our mind is the architect.

Left unchecked the mind can have a tendency to slip into patterns of fear. We may repeat patterns that we learned from our parents or from our culture. We may believe that there is not enough or that we are not enough.

When we become conscious we can adjust our lens and take this in another direction. We can recognize where we might be holding on to unconscious beliefs and recognize the truth. We are enough and we have enough.

So what kind of lens do you want to see through?

Starting now, let us explore ways we can purify and refresh our outlook. Let us notice where we might be stuck in one perspective and allow our lens to widen to new possibilities.

Free Your Mind!!🎶

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