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Third-Eye Chakra Insight: Follow the Path of Your Dreams

Dreams are powerful messages and visions from the unconscious. They hold within them ancient symbols and wisdom of the ages, as well as the potential for the future.

Dreams exist at a level where the conscious and unconscious mind meet. They give the conscious mind a glimpse of what is going on under the surface of our lives. Patterns and symbols can reveal what is ready to be seen.

While we sleep these visions are generated by our unconscious mind. Packed full of symbols, totems and emotion they can give us guidance that we can take into our waking lives.

One of the most important pieces of wisdom that I remember when working with dreams is that dreams ALWAYS come to us in the service of wholeness.

This reminds us that EVEN the nightmares are serving us in some way. Our dreams never reveal that we are bad or inferior, even if in the dream we are doing “bad deeds.”

Dreams exaggerate through symbolism to get our attention and sometimes this can come through as shocking images. They show us as opportunities for growth.

Dreams assist us along our journey when we become willing to listen to their symbolic wisdom.

When our third eye 👁 is active and clear we can gather meaning from our dreams and see the patterns that they reveal about our life.

Our third eye also has the power to project our desires and passion into our visions for our waking life. A balanced third eye chakra allows us to envision our dreams, passions and desires into reality.

As we see clearly and take steps toward our dreams we become a magnet 🧲 We attract what we need for our dreams to manifest.

I speak this with confidence because it has proven to be true time and time again in my life. Before The Chakra Journey group began, it was a dream...a vision to connect with others sharing this kind of wisdom. It took many forms before it became what it is today. We can be flexible with our dreams because sometimes they are bigger than we even imagined.

When we realize we have this power to manifest and create in our lives, it becomes our responsibility to take action toward our dreams. Step by step our dreams take form.

Our dreams at night inform these steps toward our vision. I often use the wisdom of my dreams to make creative decisions and it has brought about great ideas.

The wisdom of the unconscious is always sending us messages and when we pay attention, our dreams can become an avenue for inspiration.

Starting now, let us open up our third eye chakra

to the wisdom that exists in our dreams, both while we sleep and while we envision our lives.

Let us honor our dreams and visions, recognizing that they have come specifically to us on purpose. WE hold the power for our dreams to manifest💫

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