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Third-Eye Chakra Insight: Expand Your View

We ALL have a power within us that we can use to create change, abundance and expansion in our lives. It is something that we use all the time, but most of the time we use it unconsciously.

An important step on our path is to become aware and conscious of our power of visualization🔮

The ability to visualize is within each of us. Right now try visualizing a red square...a white circle. See, it IS possible! AND just like any muscle it gets stronger when exercised.

Olympic trainers have their athletes visualize themselves completing a ski jump, or a triple salchow or whatever the desired action is.

There is research to support that doing this increases the chances of the action being completed as visualized!! Yes of course they train and learn the necessary skills but they also use visualization as a tool to enhance their confidence and find the FEELING of a desired experience...which increases its likelihood of being repeated!

The implications of this are astounding. It doesn’t have to be limited to physical actions. We can visualize ourselves embracing different aspects of ourselves and harnessing different kinds of energy.

What if you visualized yourself as confident while teaching a class? What if you visualized feeling calm while talking to your children?

When we practice something it is more likely to be repeated. AND we can practice in our minds!

When we are not conscious of this process fear tends to creep in and we visualize all the possible negative outcomes of a situation. But as we awaken to new possibilities we have the opportunity to expand past the limits we subconsciously set for ourselves.

Starting now, let us be specific on what we want to increase on our lives and how we want to feel. The possibilities are endless! When these visions are aligned with our intuition we become magnets for our desires.

Who do you want to show up as? How do you want to feel? Take a few minutes at the start of each day to visualize how you WANT your day to unfold. And of course...have FUN with the process!!

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