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The Voice of Truth

“You are so quiet!” Is something I have heard countless times throughout my life. Sometimes as a compliment, sometimes as a criticism, sometimes because people just didn’t know how to interpret my behavior.

When I began to focus on my throat chakra through my voice, a lot of scary, yet enlightening things were brought up for me.

I realized that I defended against having to use my voice and the thought of actually using it was terrifying.

What if people don’t like me? What if they make fun of me? What if they yell at me and I don’t know what to do?! What if I offend someone and they leave?

I was able to see the ways that I dismissed what I really felt for the purpose of keeping control over myself and my environment. I was protecting myself and hiding my true feelings.

My response in the face of something I disagreed with was to tighten and close down.

Then I would assess and find a way out, either through checking out in my mind or physically leaving.

This was a useful protective mechanism at one time in my life and helped me to feel safe.

AND I have begun to realize that I want to free myself from this pattern. It keeps me stuck, stagnant and unable to express myself freely in my own life. It keeps me out of resonance with my truth.

Resonance happens when two or more vibrational patterns (frequencies) match up and there is an amplification in the field. When things are in resonance with each other the energy grows stronger.

You may recognize when a song resonates with you (seems to fit how you feel or your style) or a particular book you read seems to be in alignment with your truth.

Everything is made of energy and has a vibration. The chair you are sitting in, the thought you are thinking, the food you just ate, the words you just said…all energy.

The throat chakra works at the level of vibration, so it is affected by what resonates and what does not.

Is what we are saying authentically true for us or is it what other people want to hear?

Our truth can be heard in our voice. When we are out of alignment with our own truth it can be felt and heard.

Notice the next time you say something to be nice or please someone else, versus when you say something because it is authentically true. There is a resonance to truth. A resonance with your true nature.

Truth means that we are not blatantly lying or holding on to secrets, AND it means that we are expressing the fullness of who we are.

Most of us have in some way or another cut off our truth for the sake of safety or even survival.

It isn’t always safe to speak our truth and to show up fully. So we develop defenses to keep ourselves safe.

This makes sense and can be wise.

And there comes a time when it is healthy for us to speak our truth. To use our own voice as medicine.

Sound moves matter. When we make sound that is authentic we can move emotions, trauma and stagnant energy out of our bodies…purification.

How powerful is that!?

This doesn’t mean we speak and make sounds based on every thought we think or emotion we have.

We must bring clarity and discernment (3rd eye chakra) into how our voice is used.

To speak from a place of truth means we are grounded (1st chakra). We are in alignment with our own needs and desires (2nd chakra) and are willing to let them lovingly be expressed in the world (4th chakra), powered by our inner fire (3rd chakra).

Whether or not people agree or disagree.

We listen deeply and find what resonates with us and allow ourselves to be seen, our voice heard.

Just imagine yourself speaking from a grounded confident place. How would you be standing? How would that feel?

You are literally a channel of energy expressing your authentic truth.

To begin to open up our voice is a process, not something that will change instantly.

We can practice.

We can notice when we look externally for the answers rather than within.

We turn our focus inward and listen.

We can recognize when we are listening to the voice of fear versus the voice of our own true nature.

This week in Embodiment Yoga we will be supporting and opening the throat chakra for authentic expression.

To join us register here!

Let us learn how to communicate in a way that will be heard.

Let us reclaim our voices…the world needs to hear them!

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