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The Opportunity of Change

As I was moving my couch out of the way to make room for the yoga video I am going to do online in my living room (stepping way out of my comfort zone!) I observed something... A very dirty floor. I don't know about you but it is not often that I have the motivation to move furniture and clean underneath it. 

It occurred to me that this is a metaphor for the opportunity that change brings us. Change calls for us to move the fixed structures in our life (our schedule, things we habitually do) and look underneath to see what is behind it.

What is beneath our constant busyness, distractions, and all the places we HAVE to go. Is there anything that can be swept away? Is there anything we have been neglecting?

For me, I am finding these opportunities more and more as my life is changing and you probably are too. We are being pushed to be flexible, to open up in ways we never thought we could. To assess what is serving us and what we are just doing out of habit or compulsion. Where can we open our hearts? Where can we broaden our lens and see things from a different perspective?

This week's Chakra Talk is about how we can use this global "time-out" to turn inward. To tune in to our energy body and learn to manage it. To take care of our chakras. Our external world reflects what is going on inside. Right now it seems we are all called to go within and assess what is important.

Let's take this opportunity and sweep out the cobwebs, dog hair, dust and popcorn (what I found underneath my couch) and rearrange our metaphorical furniture to reflect how we want to live our lives.

May this time of change reveal many opportunities and insights for you!

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