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The Jewel of the Root Chakra

I like to think of the chakras as jewels of wisdom that inform our lives and ways of being.

Each one contains potent information on how to relate to life and how to balance our human/spiritual nature. Each one is a vibrant color radiating it’s essence into our lives.

Envision the root chakra as a red jewel, like a ruby or garnet gem at the base of your spine. The light of this jewel pulses down like roots into the earth gathering what we need to survive.

The root chakra is our connection to Mother Earth and to our own bodies. It asks us to recognize that we are a part of nature, a part of the web of life and that we can connect with this web for sustenance and growth. The root chakra asks us to look at the present moment and step into it again and again. When our root chakras are balanced, our nervous system (which regulates all the functions of our body and mind) is calm and responsive to life. We feel safe, supported and secure. We take action from a sense of what needs to be done in the moment. We recognize our needs and nourish ourselves. We know that we have a right to be here. Right here, right now. We are ok. Join me in polishing this gem in this week’s online class (the first one!) of Embodiment Yoga. This will be an opportunity to not only learn information about the root chakra but also to embody it. Activate this potent energy within you so that it will be a resource and healing tool for your well being, vitality and sense of presence. See you on the mat! (register through Soul Shine Yoga) Embodiment Yoga ~ Come home to your true nature Online Tuesdays @ 9:30am (via zoom) Recordings available to all who sign up (if registration is closed contact Rebecca for a recording)

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