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Take the First Step

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

From a root chakra perspective action is how we take our dreams and visions and manifest them into the world. When our root chakra is balanced we feel grounded in our truth and take steps to move forward toward our intentions. Very often this comes along with stepping out of our comfort zones and onto new terrain.

This past week I had the awesome opportunity to visit Oahu, Hawaii. I experienced what it is like to take action and push past limiting beliefs to literally get to the top!

Nothing will teach you more about taking action than facing a fear or stepping way outside of your comfort zone. For me this week, it was hiking up a mountain. For some, this may not seem like a big deal, but being afraid of heights and being a very cautious person, it was a call to action for me!

As I began the journey, each small step appeared insignificant and it seemed like I wasn’t making any progress.

As I looked to the top of the mountain I had a hard time knowing how I was going to get there. I felt discouraged and overwhelmed. But thanks to A LOT of encouragement and perseverance I kept taking action, step by step. Instead of focusing on the top, I paid attention to each step. Trusting that following the path step by step would take me where I wanted to go.

The same applies in our lives. Those big dreams and visions we have are the top of the mountain. Instead of standing at the bottom thinking of how we will get up there and questioning our abilities...we can just take ONE step. Circumstances move when we commit and take action. Opportunities we didn’t see while we were at the bottom present themselves and elevate us to the top.

And...once we do take the steps along our journey we must CELEBRATE these steps. No matter how big or small. Recognizing our effort and rewarding ourselves reinforces pathways in our brain that remind us that we CAN move beyond our self-perceived limitations, one step at a time.

What is your call to action? Once you set that intention take one small action step in that direction. Let's see where that takes us!

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