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Solar Plexus Chakra: Our Responsibility to Ourselves

If you are like me you could feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of life with family, jobs, finances, and of course...the unknown.

Initially, when I see the word responsibility I think, I don't need any more of that! But upon closer reflection I tune in to what my true responsibility is, to honor myself and follow my own inner guidance. I also remember what is NOT my responsibility (fulfilling other people's expectations of me or setting my own expectations on others). 

It is important to remember that when we take responsibility for our lives we are EMPOWERED to make the choices and changes necessary to move us toward our full potential.

Being responsible means focusing on our own well-being and tuning in to what we need. Yes, we nurture and support others, but we are ultimately NOT responsible for their growth. We ARE responsible for tuning in to our own bodies and inner guidance system to listen and give ourselves the time, rest and nutrients that we need.

Like the image in the picture, we have a responsibility to nurture and support ourselves with rich soil and sunlight and then ALLOW Life to move through us in the direction of growth.

Let us remember what our true responsibility is. To follow our own inner guidance so that we may grow toward our own unique potential. This guidance can only be found within us and will be available as soon as we are willing to see and take action toward our dreams and desires, one step at a time. Our responsibility is to set our intentions and keep showing up!

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