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Solar Plexus Chakra Insight: Follow Your Instincts

We have been guided to feel our our guts.

It is common to hear someone say “I had a gut feeling about that...and it turned out to be right!”

Our gut is where we sense our intuition in our bodies. It is our sense of inner knowing that is beyond the thinking of our minds. It comes from a higher knowing.

What does a gut instinct feel like to you? Where in the body do you feel it?

When we tune in to the physical sensations in our body, they can tell us so much.

Animals are instinctive in nature and naturally are guided by their senses. Our minds sometimes cut us off from that wisdom out of fear or limited thinking.

Questions that we struggle with from a rational standpoint can be answered quickly when we tune in to our gut instincts.

For me, a gut feeling resides at my core, somewhere deep inside. Right around the stomach area solar plexus chakra.

While it is hard to describe the sensation, I experience it as a feeling of resonance, an inner knowing and acknowledgement of truth.

Sometimes these feelings bring about easy decisions and sometimes they seem to call for the more challenging thing to do.

When we make choices based on our gut instincts we feel a resonance inside even if our outside circumstances get more complicated.

Eventually, when things settle down we begin to see and FEEL that when we went with our guts, we made the right move.

Starting now, let’s experiment...

When you find yourself struggling with a decision (big or small), instead of thinking your way out of it notice how you feel in your body with each option.

What kind of information does that give you?

For the sake of the experiment, try going with your gut instinct and see what happens!

If this seems scary or overwhelming start with something small. We are developing a relationship with our sensations and a sense of trust.

Let us be open to the intuitive wisdom that lies deep within us and have the courage 🦁 to follow our guts!

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