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Sacral Chakra Insight: Relationships as Mirrors for Growth

I love thinking of relationships as mirrors. Each person we are in relationship with reflects different aspects of our Selves.

When someone triggers us they are reflecting a disowned aspect of us (the shadow). AND when we admire someone, they are reflecting an aspect of us that we haven’t fully embraced...yet. It’s all inside of us! When we embrace the aspects of our Selves we become less reactive in relationships.

Relationships are powerful tools of reflection and containers for growth. They hold the mirror up to our own relationship with ourselves.

Starting now, tune in to the relationship with those around you. Also, tune in to the relationship with yourself. What do you notice?

Change always starts within so if you want to build stronger relationships with others start with the relationship you have with yourself. Where can you be more supportive and loving of your own needs? Where can you listen more and judge less?

Relationships are our greatest teacher so let’s bring awareness to all they have to offer us throughout the next week!🧡

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