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Sacral Chakra Insight: Give and Receive Abundantly

Money is a powerful word and can be very triggering.

From my experience, when I feel like I don’t have enough money, I perceive a threat to my survival. Fear washes over me and my ability to think clearly and rationally is not available.

I have been swept up in my emotions and fear takes the wheel.

How often do we make financial decisions out of fear? How often do we make decisions about our career and plans for the future out of fear?

How can we create a healthier relationship with money and step out of the confines of fear?

It is helpful to remember that the physical form of money is not what makes it is just paper, coins or a number on the screen.

Symbolically, money is the medium of exchange for creative energy that we have agreed upon as humans.

Therefore, the way this energy circulates affects our lives greatly. The circulation of money is a flow and that is why, this week, we are tuned in to the sacral chakra, our center for creativity and flow. The element of water.

As with any type of circulation, when we hold on too tight to money, we also pinch off our ability to receive more.

When we don’t allow others or life to give to us (out of stubbornness or pride) we close the door on prosperity flowing through.

When we look at money as energy, we can see we have far more power than manipulating the numbers in our bank accounts.

We can open up to give more of our creative energy while also allowing ourselves to receive from the abundance that surrounds us.

We feel prosperous when we open up and trust that life will provide for us when and where we need it. We feel fear when we think we need to control the flow and clench the money we have, counting every penny going in and out of our grasp.

So...what tends to clog up our flow??

If you are like me, you may have picked up some unhealthy beliefs about money throughout your lifetime.

Our families, well meaning as they may have been, pass down their beliefs about money, which could reflect a poverty consciousness (there is never enough-I must struggle to survive). Unchecked, we accept these beliefs as truths and operate from them.

Here are some examples:

It is hard to make money.

The person with money has the power and makes the decisions.

It is not spiritual to have a lot of money.

I can’t afford that.

I don’t deserve to have money.

I can’t earn money doing things I love.

(You may be able to think of a few more)

Beliefs are thoughts that we keep thinking and when we think limiting thoughts such as these, we develop limiting belief systems.

So let’s unclog the pipes to our prosperity starting now. When we recognize a limiting belief come up we can acknowledge it, and remember the truth about money and how we can open up our flow on an energetic level.

We are all deserving of a prosperous life with all the money that we need. We can give with an open heart and receive with open arms.

If this seems too scary at first, think of it as an experiment and take small steps. Spend a few extra cents on the toothpaste you really want. Invest in yourself and you will see the return.

Let us give ourselves permission to tap into the flow of prosperity🧡

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