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Root Chakra Insight: Tap Into the Sense of Belonging

Our root chakra calls us to connect. To connect to the earth, to our bodies and to each other.

The root chakra helps us to tap into our sense of belonging and family.

Our family provided our first sense of what it is like to be a part of the world. For some of us this was a positive experience, for others it may have led to a sense of insecurity.

The good news is that when we bring awareness to this aspect of family and connection we can reprogram our beliefs to reflect the truth about who we are.

We can shed misconceptions of not belonging and not being enough and recognize that we each are of vital importance to the whole. Like cells in the body, each of us has our own unique function.

Starting now...let us re-establish our sense of belonging and connection by seeing our own worth clearly. Let us join together with a tribe that sees that too❤️

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