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Root Chakra Insight: Nurture Your Living Sanctuary

I’ve always been fascinated by the inside of people’s homes. The way they choose to decorate, the arrangement of furniture and art pieces on the walls. The use of colors fabrics, patterns and drapes.

All these elements create a sense or feeling about the person, whose home I am exploring. Every home is a unique expression and I love that individuality.

Does their home feel laid back, casual and a little messy or orderly, fresh and organized? Is their yard a natural sanctuary or neatly groomed and intentional?

In dreamwork our home symbolizes where our consciousness resides. It reflects our state of being. I feel that our homes symbolize our state of consciousness in waking life too.

I have gone through phases where my home has been extremely organized and clean. Looking back, I can see this was a time when I was operating from some rigid belief patterns and wanted to feel in control.

There have been times when I have let things inside my home get stagnant and dusty. Looking back on these times, I can see I was not focused on caring for myself.

There have been times where my home is filled with art being made, books being read and music being played. Looking back at these times, I recognize a more creative state of being.

I don’t suggest we judge ourselves based on the state of our homes...rather I do suggest we take a curious look at our homes as a reflection and see what it might be saying about our current state of being. What can this reflection tell us?

Here is a fun experiment...imagine you are a kind, non-judgmental stranger entering your home for the first time. What are 10 words you would use to describe it? Enter each room with new eyes and see what kinds of feelings are evoked.

Read over this list and be curious on how this is reflecting your current state of consciousness now. Are there words that you don’t like or wish were included? Would it be possible to bring more of those words into your home and into your state of being? Do you need to open up a window and let some fresh air in? Dust off the bookshelf? Bring out some paints?

Our homes and our consciousness are our creations so let’s get creative!! The root chakra is where we manifest our visions on the physical plane and it makes sense that we start with our homes. We can create the kind of environment/consciousness that we would like to see expand outward.

Starting now, let us look at our homes with compassion and make small shifts to enhance our sense of comfort, warmth nurturing and safety. Let’s enjoy being home🏠

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