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Root Chakra Insight: Honor What is Precious to You

It’s funny how much our possessions have an effect on us. That warm cup of coffee from our favorite mug..sitting in our favorite chair on the front porch listening to the birds. The diffuser going with our favorite oil. That beautiful ring we bought ourselves for our birthday (one of my favorite things!)

When we become present with ourselves and present with our environment a newfound appreciation and depth emerges from what we choose to surround ourselves with.

Our possessions help to create our environment and an overall feeling. This has a big impact on us on a conscious and unconscious level.

Look around your space right now and pick out 3 of your possessions. What energy do they carry? Are they soothing, inspiring, fun, and/or filled with old memories?

Just like our homes, our possessions tell a story about our state of being and they can create a space. A space that we may need to relax, to energize and to heal. We can ask ourselves whether our possessions are reflecting what we need right NOW.

As we move along our path of transformation the possessions that we chose may change along with us. Items that we used to associate with comfort can grow dull. That piece of jewelry we had to have begins to collect dust. The stores we enter begin to change and the importance of certain possessions shift.

We can notice our tendency to hold on to these old possessions or our willingness to give them away, making space for new things to come in.

Our external possessions reflect our inner attitudes and mental state. We may hold on to that old pair of socks the way we hold on to the fear of not having enough. Sometimes we have to clear out our physical and mental drawers of what is no longer serving us.

Also, our relationship with our possessions reflects the way we treat ourselves and our beliefs.

Do we enjoy our bodies for being exactly the way they are in the moment or do we always want them to be different? Do we hold on to outdated beliefs because they are comfortable or do we recycle them to make space for new more empowering beliefs about ourselves? Do we value what we have or treat it harshly? Do we allow ourselves to buy the things that we truly desire?

Starting now, as we connect with our root chakra, let us be present with what surrounds us. With open eyes let us discern which possessions in our lives serve us and which ones we are willing to release.

Let us appreciate our lifetime possession..our bodies and treat it in a way that honors how much it does for us.

When we practice being present with what we have in gratitude🙏we become open doors for what we truly desire to flow in.

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