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Open Up Your Presence

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

I want to talk to you about something that I have not mastered....yet ;) Something that is so simple, yet the hardest thing. It is the way out of suffering, available to us in each moment, yet we cannot grasp it.

This is the gift of presence.

Presence requires us to take a different approach to life. To open up to it. To do less, not more.

How scary can this be when many of us find safety and security in constantly planning for the future or reliving the past as a way to control how we feel? We do this because somewhere along the line it helped us feel safe.

This makes sense.

AND, to have presence means bringing awareness to these patterns and viewing them with compassion and curiosity.

As we do this, we may begin to realize that when we live our lives from the future or the past we are not seeing what is in front of us now.

We are missing something.

We are hearing echoes from the past and/or projections of the future and bringing them into the now moment.

This is important information.

We may find that it seems impossible around this time of year to put down our old patterns, especially when we are triggered by stress, other people’s expectations or reemerging family dynamics that we thought we had outgrown.

We may see ourselves scurrying around, trying to check off our lists of presents, fulfill our expectations to others, AND juggle our responsibilities at the same time.

All while trying to cope with a worldwide pandemic.

I want to invite you into an exploration.

Pause. Take a moment to feel the breath moving in and out of your belly. Notice the sensations that are present. Welcome them into the space.

Allow the breath to move into the heart and notice any feelings that are present. Welcome them into the space.

Visualize the breath moving into the center of your head. Notice any thoughts that are present. Welcome them into the space.

Can we use these times of intensity to further our growth? To look at our patterns compassionately as they arise and unfold in the moment. To presence them.

To see where we may put too much on our plate, start that annoying people pleasing behavior, or try to create an image of ourselves for other people to admire-even if it doesn’t fit anymore.

I’m not saying “stop doing those things.” Instead, I’m offering a different approach. An opening. To allow what is present within you to be here. Now.

That means the ugly patterns, the judgments, the self blame as well as the joy and gratitude. Welcome them into the space.

That means the emotions, the feelings, the sensations. All of them welcome.

If we can be present with something, we can allow it to have space.

In that space something new may be created.

We allow ourselves to have choices. To not react from the same pattern, but to respond to what is really here.

When we see our patterns we may be able to create conditions for ourselves that allow us to feel more calm and regulated.

To give ourselves more time to relax.

To say no to an obligation, or yes to a fun activity we thought we didn’t have time for.

The important thing is that we give ourselves the choice.

Believe me, I know it's counterintuitive. I’m doing this work too.

And given what I just said, I have decided that this week’s Embodiment Yoga class will be the last one for 2021. We will begin again on January 11, 2022 (theme TBA)!

I am taking a break to regulate myself. This is what I need to be more present for the holidays. Given my own patterns, this is hard for me because I tend to push myself and spread myself thin on commitments that I make. This results in me not being able to meet my own needs.

AND, being present to this I made a new choice.

In the spirit of Embodiment Yoga we will meet one last time this year (virtually of course) to regulate our nervous systems, acknowledge what is present with us on an energetic and emotional level and discharge any stagnant energy we might be holding on to.

In this way, we create the conditions to connect with our True Nature. This is PRESENCE.

Join us this Tuesday to for some embodied practices or sign up to get the recording and practice over the holiday season…over and over if necessary!

In order to live an embodied life it is essential that presence IS our practice.

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