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Light Your Fire

Sometimes I want to give up.

When I don’t get the results my mind tells me I’m supposed to see, my inner fire dwindles.

Negative beliefs about my ability and self-worth creep in and act as a wet blanket suffocating the flames of my fire.

Is it time to give up?

Our inner fire is located in the solar plexus chakra.

This is the chakra of taking action in the world. Instinctually, it is how we relate to others.

Using the fuel of desire from the sacral chakra it motivates us to move out into the world, interact with others and create change.

When our fire is grounded and rooted in a place of safety and security (root chakra) we can access the courage to move forward.

It is necessary to use our minds (third eye chakra) to direct our consciousness and plan our next move (we don’t want a wildfire!)

AND it is important to recognize when we are in our heads operating from limiting beliefs and habitual ways of holding ourselves back.

When this happens to me, I begin by observing and acknowledging what is happening.

Emotionally, I feel discouraged. My body may even start to slump.

THEN I recognize that I am the one that is discouraging myself.

Becoming present to this I realize this discouragement may be a protection mechanism that defended me in the past against being hurt or being rejected.

While this may have been helpful then, it is stopping me now from being taking action on what I feel called to do.

I try to bring compassion to this protective part of myself-or at least not judgment.

I take a breath and begin to metaphorically lift the wet blankets off the fire, seeing them for what they are.

I thank them for their protection in the past, and this time I’m going to keep going. This time I’m going to allow the fire to move me forward.

Just like our digestive system provides energy to the rest of the body, the inner fire provides the energy we need to take action in our lives.

Energetically our solar plexus chakra is our programming for where we spend and distribute our energy both internally and externally.

What/who do we engage with? What do we pay attention to? Does this fuel us? Are we caught in patterns of comparison? Is there a boundary that needs to be set? Do we need to contain our fire or give it more fuel?

Only you can know the answer for yourself.

I invite you to be curious and check in with this powerful force that lives within you. Learn to harness it for your own growth and use it to take your passion and desire out into the world.

The world needs to see YOUR LIGHT.

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