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Heart Chakra Insight: Give and Receive True Love in Your World

There is such beauty in the heart💚

Not only does it pump and circulate the blood in our bodies, our life force pumps and circulates another powerful force around the world.


Love is THE energy that connects and heals. It is present everywhere and all the time. It is not something we is something we open to.

Our heart is the chakra that we FEEL the most. We experience powerful emotions here of both pain and joy.

As humans we will do the impossible for the feelings of love.

We will also go to great lengths to avoid the pain of losing it.

This is why we may find ourselves building walls around our hearts to manage how we feel.

This wall building is an unconscious protection mechanism for us. Grief, trauma, loss and sadness can all be felt strongly in the heart and it is no wonder thatvwe want to protect ourselves.

But the walls we build for protection not only shield us from pain...they also keep us from experiencing love.

We can see evidence of this in the body. When we don’t want to feel something in the heart our shoulders curve forward and our chin tilts down.

Over time these habitual patterns become postural patterns.

When energy is not able to move freely through the body it gets stuck in these places of held tension and we end up holding on to the feelings we are so desperately trying to avoid.

Given this awareness...we can reverse these patterns of closing around the heart. With our feet firmly rooted we can find a place of safety within ourselves.

When the body feels safe it relaxes and we begin to soften and open up. We allow energy and emotions to pass through and we are more open to experiences that we may have once avoided.

We can draw our shoulders back and take a deep breath.

Our heart, lungs, shoulders arms and hands are all governed by the heart chakra. The heart is associated with the breath and we can use the BREATH to open the heart. The more we tune into this, the easier it will become.

We can also use our hands as extensions of our heart. When we place our hand on our body we can send love from the heart to the place we are connected to.

Since the energy of love is healing, try this with a part of the body that might be feeling pain or discomfort. Try this with your animals, loved ones and even plants. Practice sending love.

Once you open up this channel you will recognize that you are more available to receive love as well. All it takes is tuning in.

Starting now, let us tap in to its frequency of love. Let us give love without conditions to those who are like us and those who think differently. Let us stay open.

Love is a force of cooperation and uniting. There is nothing more powerful than that. Imagine how the world would change if we were all able to open up to love just a little bit more💚

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