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Heart Chakra Insight: Forgiveness as a Path to Freedom

Our heart chakra is a very sensitive place. We feel joy and love in this space...and we also feel grief, sadness and pain. When someone hurts us, it can often feel like a knife through the heart or breaking our heart.

When we are vulnerable and open, it feels like we are wearing our heart on our sleeve. Our hearts carry intuitive wisdom and when we know something deeply, we feel it within our hearts. Associated with the element of air, our heart chakra is an expansive place within us and it's energy can travel across time and space. We keep things that are special to us in our hearts and we send energy from our hearts through prayer.

It is no wonder that we protect this sacred space. However, when we guard our hearts, we close off our ability to experience life fully. By trying NOT to feel our emotions we actually keep them trapped within the walls that we have created. In effect, we block ourselves from giving and receiving love.

As we move along our journey we begin to realize that we have the opportunity to experience great freedom when our hearts are open. We can access that freedom through forgiveness.

Forgiveness is like giving way to new possibilities. It helps to unhook us from unworkable patterns of resentment and blame from our past and allows us to step into the light of the present moment with open arms.

Now, if you are anything like me, when you hear the word forgiveness you might have some hesitation. Somehow in our culture the word has been associated with condoning unwanted behaviors and overriding our emotions. Letting people or even ourselves get away with wrongdoings in the past. However, this is not what forgiveness means.

Forgiveness is a PROCESS of letting go bit by bit…unhooking from the past to be free to live in the present. It is a conscious choice and CANNOT be forced.

Forgiveness is not giving our power away…it is taking our power back💥

I wonder if on some level we are scared or dislike forgiveness because of its power to create change. If we no longer hold on to familiar patterns, we would approach life in new ways…and change can be scary!

I like to visualize unhooking my energy from someone or something and watching it retract back to me, to be reused. When we forgive, we free up energy that we can choose to direct toward things that serve us.

The process of forgiveness begins with ourselves. All change starts from within. We can forgive ourselves for ways we might have acted in the past, choices we might have made, ways we might have treated people…especially ourselves.

We can forgive ourselves for using unworkable tactics like fear, shame or blame on ourselves or others, thinking that it would help us/them grow. The truth is that fear does not promote growth…LOVE does. And that is why opening the heart chakra allows us to experience freedom and growth to new heights.

We can forgive ourselves for past mistakes and understand that we were doing the best we could at the time with what we knew. It is easy to look back and see where we could have taken a different path, but that is like driving while looking in the rear-view mirror.

Forgiveness frees us up to look at what is in front of us on the road right now. With the freedom of forgiveness we are less distracted and able to put all of our energy into making the choices that are in front of us NOW. We can drive much better when we look at where we are going.

Starting now, let us be open to the process of forgiveness. Let us be willing to release unworkable patterns from the past and try something new. Let us see what possibilities exist beyond the limits of our current perception. Where can we open up to more love in our lives? Let’s find out!

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