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Expand Your True Creative Potential

Creativity is an enlivening force that reminds us that we are an integral part of the universe. It shows us the way in which we can contribute to the unfolding of the world around us by allowing what is within us to be expressed.

The throat chakra is about opening up the gate between who we are inside and letting it manifest in the world. When we are in alignment with our true desires and allow inspiration and guidance to direct our actions, authentic creativity is flowing.

Creativity is in energy that exists within all of us. It is not a special gift given only to artists, and performers. We each express our creativity in different ways and through different outlets. Ultimately, we are all creative beings.

So, how do we harness this creative flow? How do we become the stewards of the creative potential that lies within us?

Sometimes because of our past experiences, programming or limiting beliefs our throat chakra can get clogged by a heavy filter. This filter may be trying to keep us safe so we don’t do anything too “weird” or “unacceptable” or “imperfect.”

This filter may function as a safety mechanism so we will be accepted and not rock the boat. It may also be a way that we unconsciously try to manage other people’s reactions to us. This can be helpful at times- I’m sure we have all witnessed someone acting with no filter. However, the filter can also hold us back from becoming the creative channels that we are meant to be.

When our energy moves through this heavy filter, our words, ideas and creations may not come out in their pure form and it may be a lot harder to speak our truth and create authentically.

By recognizing what is holding us back, we have a chance to reclaim our creativity. When we see our limiting beliefs, judgments and comparisons for what they are (not the truth) we can shift to a more open space where the potential for creativity exists.

When we are in this open space we see possibilities and experience a sense of play with our surroundings.

Although creativity cannot be forced, it can be nurtured. When we give time and space to our creativity, we find that it grows and blossoms into things we could not even have imagined.

By opening up to creativity in one avenue of our lives it begins to translate into others. When we sing, dance or play music it may open up the wellspring of creativity and translate into our writing, cooking or painting. If we get blocked in one area, we can tap into another to open up.

When we are operating from a creative space we feel energized and alive. We see things in new ways- like looking through a new lens. We are lit up. We can allow this light to fuel our actions and manifest our desires here on earth.

There is a boldness in creativity, a courage to step out of our resistance and the traditional mold and explore uncharted territory.

Starting now, let us open up ourselves up to creativity. Let us play and explore life in new ways. Try something different. Add different ingredients to your meal, play different music while you dance. Let us step out of our self-perceived limitations and dive into the force of creativity. Through this process we allow what is within us to be expressed and shared with the world🌎

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