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Throat Chakra Insight: Listen to what your soul is saying to you.

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

"Listen to what your soul is saying to you. Communicate and share this in the world." -Caryn Sangster

There are so many ways that we communicate...verbally, through body language, expressions, actions and energetically.

Our ability to communicate effectively and from our truth is so important.

This can be challenging, given the different messages we may have received in regards to our permission to speak up and the value of our voice. Even subtle messages and our own interpretations can shut us down for decades.

When I was in elementary school I raised my hand one day to tell a story I experienced at the bus stop that morning.

The teacher either did not understand my story or did not think it was important. Maybe she was having a bad day.

Regardless...from my perspective she dismissed it and looked at me like I said something stupid. The class fell to an awkward silence🤦🏻‍♀️

I internally made a vow that day to never let that happen again. Unless I was asked specifically, I would not share anything about myself unless I was SURE it would be accepted.

As you might imagine...this shut my developing throat chakra down (throat chakra development is ages 7-12). I created a thick filter to prevent myself from feeling that feeling I had in front of the class again.

Decades passed and I operated under the belief that it was not safe to express my experiences to others and that I had nothing worthwhile to say.

Although this situation was a misunderstanding and mild compared to some of the messages we receive regarding our voice, it impacted me for years!!

The way we respond to others and the way we interpret other people’s actions drastically affects our communication and our Right to Speak.

It is a worthwhile experience to check in with what we are telling ourselves about our right to speak up. There could be beliefs that are not grounded in truth.

Is it possible to speak our truth despite what other people may think or how they respond? Can we test our old assumptions of our worthiness to be heard?

I say YES! 

Starting now, let us recognize where we might be holding ourselves back from speaking our truth and sharing our experiences.

Let us be willing to open up where we may have closed down before..despite the response from others. To listen to our own truth and speak it to others with courage.

Let us also have the strength to listen and accept another person’s point of view as valuable, even if we don’t agree. We have no idea how much we might influence them and their Right to Speak.

Allow yourself to open up the gates of communication and let’s see what can be expressed! 💙✨💙

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