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Clear the Lens to Your Intuition

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Is your third-eye a little blurry?

This is how I feel when I am focusing on too many things at once and have a lot of habitual thought patterns running in the background.

Like a computer that has many programs operating at the same time, it is hard to have speed and clarity to tune in to what is on the screen.

At these times my mind feels foggy and it's hard to pay attention to anything, especially the quiet voice of my intuition!

If you are like me, a lot goes on in your head center. Sometimes it can seem impossible to sort through and discern the different "voices" of fear, judgment, logic and intuitive wisdom.

When we dive deeper into the third-eye chakra we find that there are different levels to this center.

There is the habitual level of mind that runs automatically in the background of our life. This includes our day to day thoughts, worries, plans and habitual trains of thought.

We need this level of mind to complete our daily activities and function in this world. However, there is more...(thank goodness!!)

The higher mind is where clarity, intuition, imagination and knowing reside. This level of mind has a different quality to it.

To me it feels open, spacious with a diamond-like quality to it (imagine that!) When I experience this I know I can trust it.

The third-eye chakra is mystical. It opens us up to realms beyond our everyday consciousness.

When balanced, it allows us to see from a more expansive place and offers us a sense of intelligence beyond that of our 3-D reality. This is our intuition.

To tap into it may feel unattainable from our ordinary state of the habitual mind.

However, it is available to everyone. Just like a muscle we have to practice, to focus, to be intentional.

To access our intuition requires us to be grounded in our bodies and connected to our hearts. We must be present.

If we are not grounded in the body, our mind tries to take over and keep us safe. It may run fear programs and keep us locked in habitual trains of thought, limited belief patterns and illusions.

From this place hearing our intuition is not possible. We hear the voices of fear. We see through a veil of illusion. We are not in connection with our true nature.

However, our true nature is always available and can be experienced when we are PRESENT.

When we are present we experience the field of energy that is around us and within us. We tap into the wisdom that is available.

It is like our third-eye is an antennae and can pick up information that our ordinary consciousness doesn't have access to.

Give it a try. Feel your feet on the ground and take a deep breath.

Feel the breath animate your body.

Allow the breath to move into your heart space and be present to what is there.

Take the breath into the head and witness the habitual thoughts. Allow the breath to animate the higher mind and turn on the antenna.

This antenna will help you tap into something deeper and wider than what you are used to.

A sense of knowing that is beyond rational thought. Beyond the stories that run in the background.

When we establish this connection with our intuition intentionally, it becomes the voice that we turn to when we need some clarity and a new way of seeing things.

In our Embodiment Yoga class this week we will create the conditions to tap into our intuition.

We will give ourselves the space we need to hear the wisdom that resides right between our own eyes.

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