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Crown Chakra Insight: See the Divine Consciousness Within You

We are conduits for Divine Consciousness to flow through. It is not our job to make this happen, but to REMEMBER who we are and ALLOW this to happen.

That is why our chakra work is so important. When our energy is flowing freely through our 7 main chakras we are in alignment with Divine energy and experience ourselves as clear channels for the Divine to flow through. We ARE the path to manifestation🌈

Like a blooming lotus we open our crown chakras to inspiration, guidance and wisdom from the Divine. We allow that wisdom to travel down to our third eye chakra and create our visions for ourselves and the world around us.

We speak these visions through our words and actions in the throat chakra We allow ourselves to connect with others along our path through our heart chakras, reaching out to the world around us.

Using the information we gather from the world around us, we take actions and make choices using the power of our fire center at the solar plexus chakra. We allow these choices to bring us into the flow of life as we feel and experience how they affect our emotions and sensations within us at the sacral chakra.

As this flow continues...our visions, wisdom and inspiration travel all the way down to our root chakras. where they manifest into our bodies and the world around us.

This is the path of manifestation. It is how the Divine manifests on earth and we are each a part of this creation. How powerful is THAT??

Starting NOW, let us REMEMBER that Divine Consciousness is available to ALL of us. The more we make space and ALLOW ourselves to receive wisdom and inspiration, the more we are allowing ourselves to manifest Divine Consciousness here on earth.

Let us clear the blocks, limiting beliefs and stagnant energy within us to maintain the flow, as conduits for the Divine.

Image: @truelovecrystals

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