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Bring Intelligence to Life

I am an explorer of the soul. I love to dive into books, podcasts and talks that focus on going within, inner work, connecting with a deeper wisdom and seeing the patterns in life. This is my passion and also where I believe my wiring for intelligence lies.

That is why topics about spirituality, chakras, yoga, personal growth and psychology make sense to me. They resonate and I have an easier time integrating and assimilating them into my mind and life than subjects such as history, politics and math.

We are each wired differently in terms of intelligence and I see that there is a direct relationship between what we are passionate about and driven towards and what our wiring is.

This makes sense. Why would we be given the desire to learn about metaphysics if we did not also contain within us the capability to understand it? It is by divine design.

With this affinity to certain subjects and our desire to learn, we are guided to doors that we are passionate about opening. We are the explorers that set out on an expedition to bring back new information in new ways.

What we learn about may inspire us to say or create something that has never been done before. When we are guided by our intelligence and open to knowledge it is an adventure and an expedition.

Like all adventures and expeditions there are obstacles to overcome. The obstacles may come in the form of negative belief patterns (which are often what block the flow of energy in the crown chakra). But we gather strength and summon wisdom from overcoming these obstacles and it makes us live what we are learning about. Literally bringing our intelligence to life.

When we learn things through our intelligence in the crown chakra, it then has to ride the manifesting current down to our lower chakras and into our lives. That is how we embody our passion.

We use our intelligence to gather the information so that it can be assimilated and distributed throughout our bodies and our lives. This is the beauty of the chakra system. Our intelligent wiring system is designed to allow us to manifest our dreams and visions.

It is our responsibility to share our intelligence with the world because it is both unique and creative. We may be able to explain things in a new way that others resonate with. We all have different methods for learning and the way that we share information through our intelligent system may tap into a group of people or even one person who needed to hear it presented in that particular way.

Take a close look at what you are wired for intellectually. If you want a clue…go to your bookshelf or podcast history. What books or talks do you truly love to dive into and explore? What lights you up and gets you excited about learning? This is how you know what direction to move into. This is how you know how you are wired.

Let us honor this and take steps in the direction of what we are truly passionate about. Let us dive in to learning more about what we love and carry that with us through our experiences and into the world. This is how divine intelligence is distributed. Through us.

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