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Ask and You Shall Receive

I have been trying to make some decisions discern what direction to take on my path.

This is not easy for me.

I can’t tell you how much time I spent going over and over the details in my mind. What if this happens, what would it be like if I chose that? What would so and so want me to do?

Somewhere, in the midst of this confusion I had a light bulb moment. Why don’t I just ask?

Rather than running endless scenarios and possibilities through my habitual mind, I remembered I could access the answers through the portal of my crown chakra.

I literally have a way to access the database of the cosmos.

To open up to Source.

Source can have many names. We may call it The Divine, Creative Consciousness, God, The Universe, Goddess, Life, or Reality.

All these names point to something beyond our control that supports us, an intelligence that guides us.

And our energetic access point to this intelligence is at the crown of our head.

The crown chakra is like our computer's connection to the internet.

Have you recently tried using your computer or phone without being online?

It’s boring! There is no new information coming in.

We may be able to do certain functions on our devices without the internet, but ultimately we are running the same programs and games. We are looking through the same old files.

No updates.

This is what it is like when the crown chakra is closed off. We run the same old narratives and beliefs in our heads and life seems dull and boring.

When we are grounded and plugged in to the earth through our root chakra, we are able to have the stability to take in the dynamic, expansive intelligence through the crown chakra.

So when I remembered this...I sat.

I grounded myself and gave myself space for new information to come in. For updates to be performed and guidance to be revealed.

I asked the typing it into google.

I didn’t get an answer right away. Some questions still remain unanswered.

But what did happen is that little things began to pop up on my life to direct me. Synchronicities.

I read something in an email that gave me clarity, a friend pointed me to a book. I showed up in the right place at the right time.

Life began to show up according to the questions I asked. I got the guidance I needed in unexpected ways.

And that’s the amazing thing about the crown chakra. Ask and you shall receive.

The answers may not show up right away in the way we think they "should." This is why we may think it didn't work.

But rather than getting a direct answer, it is more like we are directed.

Signs point the way subtly throughout our days and in our dreams at night.

This is available to everyone. Get grounded, ask your question, meditate to clear your mind and enter your life with curiosity.

This week our Embodiment Yoga class will help us get into the space of receiving through the crown chakra. Preparing us to be a vessel for Divine energy to move through.

Register here!

We can access the inspiration that awaits when we are present and open to receive.

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