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A Poem from Your Sacral Chakra

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

I am the flow of life, ready for you to jump in

I move in cycles and rhythms

Forever moving and changing

I am the pull of desire

The spark of pleasure Guiding you where to go I am the creative intelligence of the Universe

I speak to you

Showing you what you need I am the waves of emotion Shaping and reshaping your experience

I show up in your laughter

I show up in your tears

I feel

I yearn

I connect I am the flow of life, ready for you to jump in

~Svadhisthana Chakra When the sacral (svadhisthana) chakra is balanced we tune in to our own natural rhythm and flow. We can sense the cycles in our body and in our life and respond accordingly. We feel sensations of the body, the emotions that move through and we let this guiding force direct and inform our lives.

This is an instinct, an intelligence that each of us has.

Often we may lose touch with it or it may become distorted because we put what we “should” do over what we feel drawn to.

For me this shows up as choosing to check off the chores on my to-do list rather than playing with that art project I dream of working on. Or choosing to fall into mindless social media rabbit holes rather than writing my own story.

When this chakra is blocked we may not be able to tune in to our desires and needs. We may operate from habitual programming of the past rather than choosing based on our opportunities in the moment.

This chakra asks us to listen deeply. To connect with the sensations and emotions of our body and let them guide us.

We can use our yoga practice to listen. To follow our body’s sensations and allow ourselves to flow with our breath. These are our access points.

The more we connect with the flow of life in the moment the more we see our lives unfold in new ways. Ways that we could not have conceived of with our rational minds and through our habitual patterns.

We are following the intelligence of our bodies, which contains the intelligence of the whole universe.

I hope you will join me to experience and explore the waters of the sacral chakra through Embodiment Yoga virtual class this week!

Tuesday 10/19 @9:30-10:45 am CDT


Attend live or receive a recording to practice later

Register here:

May this week help us connect to the rhythm and flow of our own lives so that we can relax into it, connect with our creative force and show up fully as the passionate beings we were created to be.

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