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Root Chakra Insight: Anchor Yourself with Grounded Connectivity

I almost ate a dog treat the other day. Has this kind of thing ever happened to you?? Have you ever been so distracted by the story in your mind that your body goes on autopilot and you almost make a inconceivable error? (and hopefully no one is there to witness it) Have you been multi-tasking by carrying around too many things in your awareness that you end up being ineffective and dropping all of them??

Unfortunately the dog treat story is true. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was trying to “save time” by making my breakfast and feeding my dog simultaneously. I was thinking about something that I was going to do later and reached my hand in the wrong bag and mistook the dog treat for the pecan that I was really after and almost ate it. Luckily I woke up before putting it in my mouth!!

What a synchronicity during our week of grounding!

To me grounding is feeling fully present with what is happening in the moment. To be connected to my body and aware of what my body is doing.

Grounding is healing because it helps us reclaim parts of ourselves that exist in the illusion of past and future. It brings the body back to the only point we have control...NOW. The body relaxes when we are grounded and knows that we are safe and paying attention.

Grounding allows us to connect with higher wisdom because the only time inspiration can enter is...NOW.

The more we ground we can bring our visions, truths, inspirations and wisdom down to the physical realm of manifestation.

When we are able to ground we can release our old patterns of emotions because we provide a safe container for them to move through us.

Grounding is, very simply... returning to our bodies and connecting our bodies to the earth that supports us.

Take your awareness to the bottoms of your feet on the earth. Feel the breath moving in and out of your lungs. These are points of focus that can bring us back to the present moment. Our place of power and where we can plant the seeds of our dreams and desires.

Starting now, let us bring back our scattered energy into this moment. Let us recognize how powerful and potent the present moment is. Right here and right now❤️

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