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Crown Chakra Insight: Follow the Path that is Unfolding

Sometimes we wonder what our guidance system is trying to tell us. The situation in front of us may look too complicated to figure out.

People around us may be telling us many different things and with all that noise going on we can’t seem to tune in to our own inner guidance.

Our thoughts can contradict each other and the next step may seem so elusive.

How do we find guidance in these times?

How do we keep our sense of faith and trust to keep moving forward? How do we know the way?

Guidance comes in many forms, the real question is, are we willing to ASK and be OPEN to recognize it when we see it?

Looking at guidance through the lens of the chakras we come to the crown.

The crown chakra is about opening to what is available from the realm of higher knowing, Divine guidance. We receive Divine guidance through the crown chakra and experience it through our inner wisdom.

When the crown chakra is balanced we trust that the guidance we need is available. We pay attention to signs, symbols, synchronicity, dreams, chance meetings and intuitive feelings.

We ASK for the guidance that we need and are OPEN to receiving it.

Guidance is like our internal gps nudging us along our way. If we get off track, guidance will ALWAYS reroute us back in the right direction, even when the detours don’t look like what we want or expect.

Starting now, let us ASK when we need guidance and OPEN up to the guidance that surrounds us

The more we recognize it the more we will see it. Let us remind ourselves that even in undesirable moments we are always being guided and supported.

Our guidance system does not ever leave us. But we sometimes forget to tune in to it.

When this happens, we can stop...take a breath and remind ourselves we are being Divinely guided NOW, in seen and unseen ways💜

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