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Crown Chakra Insight: A Moment of Presence

PRESENCE. Just the word is powerful enough to evoke the energy it describes.✨

To me presence is a state in which I am grounded to the earth, open to source and connected with what is in front of me.

Presence is an energy field that we can tap into with just one conscious breath.

If you are like me you may find yourself dwelling in the past and present (horizontal plane). Here our mind can get carried away with possible outcomes, stories and unconscious programming. Our bodies feel anxiety tension and stress.

Presence is when we connect to the vertical plane. Heaven and earth. It’s where we remember that we always have the guidance and support we need. We remember that our place of power comes from our ability to connect with and take action based on what is in front of us right now. Our bodies feel relaxed, open and receptive.

Starting now, let us wake up to the path of miracles that is before us. Let us see clearly what is unfolding right here and now. What would it be like to know we are right where we need to be at any given moment?💜

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