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Sacral Chakra Insight:

Emotions are our internal guidance system.

The word emotion literally means energy in motion and they serve to give us information about the kinds of thoughts that we are thinking and the meaning we are giving to our experiences.

Emotions are meant to give us information and then move on through our bodies.

And this is where we often get stuck.

When we hold on to emotions, deny emotions or tell ourselves we are wrong for having them, they get trapped in the body. This is where they cause imbalances and block our energy.

We CAN learn ways to shift these patterns.

By acknowledging our feelings to ourselves and tuning in to where in the body we feel it, we give the emotion the space and acknowledgement it needs and it will move through.

If we feel the body needs to express the emotion physically, we can allow ourselves to do this safely by crying, stomping our feet, screaming into a pillow or letting the body shake it off. This awareness and expression becomes our practice.

Try it! The next time you are irritated or angry, notice where in the body you feel it. Tune in to the physical feeling and get out of the story in the mind. Shake or stomp it out if you need to and then move on. 

When we tune in and acknowledge our emotions by their very nature they will shift. 🧡 

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